Sunday, July 29, 2012

Porter Turns Four

Our little man turned four on the twenty-second.  That whole weekend was dedicated to my grandpa Wheelers funeral so by the time his birthday rolled around on Sunday we were all tired.  Despite this I think he still had a good birthday and was excited to get all his present. That morning Porter woke up and immediately wanted to open presents.  We gave in and he got to open up all of his presents except for the big one.  He loved his superheroes, bubble gun, and books.  We had a low key day doing activities that Porter likes to do, and eating lunch at Porters favorite fast food joint.  Later that night we had a BBQ with my family and sang happy birthday.  Porter was excited to share his Avengers birthday cake with his family and open the rest of his presents. 

Fun Facts about Porter:

* Loves playing with superheroes his favorites include Captain America, The Incredible Hulk A.K.A. Hulk Incredible, Thor, Batman, and Iron Man
* Loves dinosaurs and can name you many of them by their correct name
*Loves story time at the library and gets very involved in each story
* Loves playing at the park with friends
*Loves riding his new bike he got for his birthday
*Loves steak, hamburgers ,root beer,  Popsicles,broccoli, and pistachios
*Loves camping
*Weighs 26 lbs
*Loves dressing himself and is getting better at it each day
* Loves helping dad in the yard and in the garden
* Loves playing the I-pod, we really have to limit this or he would play all day
*Got to go the Disneyland this year
*Completed his first year of Preschool and did great
* Loves his learning time and is very creative
* Loves saying his own prayers and singing in primary
* His favorite primary song is I like to look for rainbows
*Stop taking naps and now has quiet time
* Is super fast and won the 24th of July race this year
*Loves parades
*Loves dancing his favorite dances include the robot, the worm, and his jump and spin moves
*Loves helping his little sister
*Is super active and crazy
*Loves playing baseball and wrestling
*Loves going to the movie and eating popcorn

We love you Porter!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Seven Year Itch

We have hit the seven year milestone and there is no itch here people!  This year we had a great anniversary.  Kevin did a great job planning a little overnight getaway for us.  First, we went to the Provo mall and Kevin let me pick out some clothes, which of course is always a plus.  Then we went across the street to Ruby River and had a delicious steak dinner.  The waiter quickly informed us that we were behind the curve for married couples in Utah.  He couldn't believe we had been married seven years and only had two kids, complete craziness I guess.  After dinner we went and shopped some more and then enjoyed a movie!   We had so much fun, I can barely believe we have been married that long.  Seven years has given us a few gray hairs, three degrees, and two wild children.  They have been  crazy, adventurous, and fun!   Love you Kevin. 

Preschool Graduation 2012

Porter had his preschool graduation on May 10th.  They sang songs and then each child got up and said their name and their favorite nursery rhyme.  Porter was so brave and did a great job! He walked right up to there said and then spelled his name as loud as he could.  Then he recited Humpty Dumpty .  He really enjoyed preschool this year particularly,  playing with and making new friends, going on lots of cool field trips, and  learning from two great teachers.  Here's to two more years of preschool!

Towards the end these three lost focus and were more interested in playing on the playground

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Family Pictures 2012

Eva The Diva @ One

I took these pictures of Eva right after her birthday in April.  Since she is now almost 14 months old you can tell I am a little behind. 

Then this one was taken just a couple of weeks ago by our friend Ashley Thorne. I really love it because it captures her craziness.

Fun Facts about Eva at 14  months:

- She still refuses to walk, but is getting a little braver each day
- When you ask her a question she will nod her head "yes" or "no"
- Will hit you and then say "ouch!"
- Loves to give her brother hugs and kisses
- Yells " dad" from her crib each morning
- Loves to dance and has this weird  arm dance that she does
- Loves to play outside and will crawl around everywhere
- Weighs 22 lbs. which is in the 50% percentile
- Her height is 33 inches which is in the 75% percentile
-She clasps her little hands together during prayer and thinks she is so big because of
- Says Hello to everyone she passes, she is our little social butterfly
- Loves to sit out on the fronch porch and wave at all the passing cars

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Back at the first of April we went to Disneyland with the Daniels Clan.  Before heading to the magic kingdom we stopped in Vegas for Kevin's aunts wedding.  Then we packed ourselves into the fifteen passenger van and headed to California.  We spent four days there, celebrated Eva's first birthday, and took lots of pictures. 

Day# 1- Vegas/ Wedding:


- Melissa and Mike get married
- Porter thinks it is the coolest wedding in the history of forever
- He sings along with Elvis and claps the entire time
- Porter gets to ride in a stretch limo back to the hotel

Day#2- Las Vegas

-Hang out at the hotel and swim
-Men go to priesthood session
-Eat at the Heart Attack Grill where you dress up in hospital gowns, waitresses are nurses and in you are over 350lbs. you eat free!
- Go to the free Eric Church concert on Fremont Street
Day #3 : Travel to California

Day #4: First day of Disneyland

- Got to the park in the early afternoon
- Started off the day riding the safari ride, Tarzan's Tree house, Winnie the Pooh, Haunted House, Indiana Jones, and lots of other rides in Frontier Land

Day #5 Disneyland/Dodgers Game

- Rode lots of rides in Story land and Fantasy Land and spent some time in California Adventure
- While in California Adventure we go see the bugs life 3D movie, Porter loves it and laughs the whole time.  Eva on the other hand hates it and screams the whole time
- The highlight of the day for Eva was eating the lollipop her Grandma bought for her

- Porter also loved the sucker but was so tired he fell asleep with it in his mouth-- alot of people got a huge kick out of it!
- Went to L.A. for a Dodgers Game vs. Anaheim Angels
- Ate the famous Dodger Dogs for dinner
- Porter spent the first half off the game waving to every single person who walked by our seats, and there were a lot of people
- Eva slept through most of the game
- The Dodgers won
- We bought shirts from a crazy guy who pulled them out of his pants, super weird!
Day #6 Eva's First Birthday/ More Disney

- Eva celebrates her first birthday
- We get pictures with a few characters, spend most of the day in storybook land
- We ride the tea cups, dumbo, the carousel which porter loved,  ride the Alice In Wonderland ride, and watch some of the parade.
-Go back to the hotel for hamburgers, have a small party of our little princess
- Porter opens most of her gifts for her
- She gets a princess blanket from grandma and grandpa, a princess Minnie, and some princess bath toys from mom and dad
-The  hotel staff makes us toll house cookies to eat for her birthday celebration
- We had back to the park for the night
- We ride Tower of Terror, and some more rides in Storybook land the lines are next to nothing at night
- We end the night riding Splash Mountain a few times and I get soaked!

Day #7 Last Day of Disneyland

- Rode the train to Storybook Land where we rode It's a Small World, both the kids loved it! Kevin and I had the song stuck in our head forever.
-Kevin, Blake, and Porter went to Toone Town while I stood in line for two hours to get pictures with the princesses.
- I met this lady in my two hour line she told me her whole life story so it kept me super entertained
-Rode my favorite ride Soaring California, Blake and I couldn't figure out where all the pictures came from maybe Utah, maybe New York.  Then Eva informed us it was California since the ride is called Soaring California!
- Took the kids to the Character dinner for Eva's first birthday
- We got pictures with a lot of the characters as they would walk around
- They served really cool kid foods like Pb&j and Mac n' Cheese pizza, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, and every kid of desert you could ever want.  The adults had prime rib and shrimp!
-Porter danced with the Fairy God Mother it was adorable
- Eva hated most of the characters.   She loved them from far away she would wave at them and go crazy.  However, the second the would get close she would freak out.  Chip tried to touch her hand and she felt his fur she scream bloody murder!
- The staff at the dinner sang happy birthday to Eva and gave her a chocolate cupcake
-We went back to the park until it closed
- By the end of our trip all of our feet hurt so bad we could hardly walk
Last Day:
 Travel Day:

- We got packed up in our huge Mormon wagon and headed out
- We stoped in Cedar City for a couple of hours sleep
- Got home on the Saturday before Easter with a huge case of vacation hang-over